Hey! My name is Shadou. I'm a Nightcore Creator and Twitch Streamer also I'm the dev of the small discord bot Shizume which is still WIP. I use discord since 2016 and love to manage and set-up discord servers. Current programm languages I know are bit of Python and some HTML


These are Projects I did or still WIP.

  • [Released 11.09.2021] [ONGOING] Hexa Cave:

      a Discord network for content creator of all different platforms.
      reconstruction and modified version of Creators United / Nextlevel Creators.

  • [Released 17.11.2019] [CLOSED 12.09.2021] Creators United / Nextlevel Creators:

      a Discord network for content creators, main focus on nightcore creator to improve their video editing and quality.
      abonded project due to lack of interest to improve on video editing skills and quality.

  • [Released 1.11.2019] Shizume Discord Bot:

      Shizume is a discord bot I made with the discord.js libary and the Open Source code of Atlanta.

      Main functions of shizume:

      • 👩‍💼 Administration commands
      • 🚓 Moderation commands
      • 🎵 Music commands
      • 💰 Economy commands
      • 👻 Fun commands
      • 🖨️ General commands
      • 👑 Roleplay commands