Hi, My name is Shadou and I am currently 20 Years old.

    I'm working as IT Systems Electronics Engineer in Germany.


    I love Anime & Gaming. I watch Anime since I am 3 years old and It's been a important factor of my Life.

    also Gaming has been an important factor on my Life, having something to escape the reality as kid was very important for me since I don't like my childhood.

    I don't really play many games and specially not new games, I prefer games like League of Legends & Valorant.

    My most played game is also League of Legends, currently I am the top 1,32% of the playerbase.

    I am also a huge fan of Retro / Old Games and being interested in Homebrew and Emulating. I own 2 Mod-Chipped and 1 default Playstation 1's also I own a Phat Playstation 2 with a FreeMCBoot Memory Card, so I can play Playstation 1 or 2 Games on my Playstation 2 with a USB-Stick or over the internal Hard Disk.

    I am planning to Cosplay Darth Vader, since I am a perfectionist I want a high quality Cosplay so it will be quite expensive 1300€ for the Costume and 300-400€ for the Lightsaber.